Interactive Map Uses City Data to Show All 1,357 Sidewalk Cafés in the City

The City's Department of Consumer Affairs just released a cool interactive map allowing you to see where each of the 1,257 legal sidewalk cafés are in the City.

According to the City, using this map you can:

  • Learn about the three types of sidewalk cafés that DCA licenses. - Learn what DCA inspectors check for at each type of café. - See the type of sidewalk cafés allowed by NYC Department of City Planning (DCP) zoning regulations in your neighborhood and across the city. - Find existing sidewalk café locations near you and see the details about the café. - Track new and renewal license applications. - Learn when public hearings are scheduled for license applicants. - Generate and easily export, in CSV format, a searchable list of sidewalk cafés located in a Community Board district.

But more importantly, you can find a good place to get your Friday happy-hour drink on while sitting outside!

h/t 6sqft

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