Manhattan Population Explorer: An Interactive Map Showing How Crowds Move Through NYC During the Workday

The Manhattan Population Explorer is an interesting interactive map that shows the ebb and flow of people who commute to and from Manhattan on any given day. Using several sources of publicly accessible data to create the map, LA-based freelance data specialist Justin Fung started the project to see how so many people move in and out at various times of day.

The visualization you see here is a model of the dynamic population of Manhattan, block-by-block and hour-by-hour for a typical week in late Spring. The model is currently fixed to your local time. The population estimates are the result of a combination of US Census data and a geographic dispersion of calculated net inflows and outflows from subway stations, normalized to match population daytime and nighttime estimates provided by a study from NYU Wagner.

Check out the full map to play around with the data.

h/t Patch

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