[VIDEO] Colossal Media Makes the Most Impressive Hand-Painted Advertising Murals in New York City

Brooklyn-based Colossal Media is the best in the game when it comes to large-scale, hand-painted murals for hire. Their murals can be seen all over New York City, and is one of the more pleasant advertising forms we have. In this recent episode of the "In Our Backyard" series from ABC 7, hear from the co-founder and the sign painters, and watch how it all comes together to create something beautiful.

Colossal Media artists hang off the sides of buildings to hand paint massive billboards.

[VIDEO] A Day With A Line Cook At Brooklyn's Hottest Chinese Restaurant

Line Cook Tristan Kwong brings you into the precise and fast-paced world of a professional kitchen at Bonnie's, Brooklyn's hottest Chinese restaurant. From shopping for fresh ingredients to prepping Bonnie's gourmet take on the "McRib," see what it takes to keep the quality high and the plates moving at an in-demand restaurant day-in, day-out.