Check Out Nostalgic in New York, an Amazing Black and White Time Lapse of Iconic New York City Locations

Back in 2015, time-lapse photographer Aaron Keigher created this amazing time lapse video featuring modern scenes at iconic New York City locations, all in black and white over a timeless bit of Jazz.

In this time-lapse film, I worked to photograph the look and feel of a time long gone — blend the old style of New York with the more modern changes that have become interwoven with the city's true essence. Join me as we go back in time to the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s to a grittier and glamorous New York that can only be captured in black-and-white.

Check out the video page to read more about the inspiration behind the film.

[WATCH] Check Out Bacchanal Pepper Sauce, a Super Spicy Brooklyn-Made Caribbean Hot Sauce

Bacchanal Pepper Sauce is a Brooklyn-made, super spicy, Caribbean inspired hot sauce made from scotch bonnet peppers, habanero chilies, and fruit that gives your food a hot, yet flavorful burn. In this video from the New York Times, watch as owner Sonya Samuel talks about the sauce, where it came from, and how it's made.

Meet Sonya Samuel, the owner of Bacchanal Pepper Sauce, a Brooklyn-made Caribbean hot-pepper-sauce company that started in 2013. Ms. Samuel believes that good food should transport you, and I’ll give this to her: This fresh pepper sauce is like a nice, spicy vacation.

A bottle of the sauce costs only $10. Check out the accompanying article for more.