[WATCH] Discover What's Inside the Dakota's Rooftop Pyramid!

People always ask me "What's Inside the Pyramid?" Well, now you're gonna find out. Let's check it out!

0:00: 🏙️ Exploring the unique history and residents of the Dakota apartment building, including the fascinating living space of designer Ward Bennett.
0:00: The Dakota apartment building is known for being the residence of John Lennon, but it also has a unique pyramidal structure with a strange history and diverse residents.
1:30: Ward Bennett, a renowned designer, lived in a former servant base in the attic of the Dakota and later acquired a set of rooms within the pyramidal structure for his apartment.
2:54: Bennett's apartment had a complex route for access, involving multiple elevators, stairs, and walking across the roof to reach the entry.
3:40: 🏢 The video showcases the layout and interior design of Ward Bennett's apartment, featuring a minimalist and modern style.
3:40: The apartment layout includes a studio, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, with unique features like a North facing skylight and a flag pole in the loft.
4:56: Ward Bennett's living room had high walls, a spiral staircase, and unique furniture designed by Bennett himself.
6:35: Ward Bennett's furniture included a granite top worktable and unique pieces made from automobile rims.
6:35: The gallery in the apartment featured a built-in bench for displaying art and a pivoting window for fresh air.
7:49: The apartment had various design elements such as radiators, metal subway grading, and plant and sculpture displays.
8:18: 🏢 Explore Ward Bennett's apartment inside the pyramid structure at the top of the Dakota apartment building.
8:18: Ward Bennett's apartment had a simplistic bedroom with a low archway to make it seem larger.
8:58: The bathroom had a vintage bathtub and a unique shower curtain liner.
9:22: The kitchen was sleek, efficient, and designed for entertaining.
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