[WATCH] Go Behind the Scenes at a Old-School New York City Pizza Slice Joint

Scarr's Pizza on the Lower East Side / Chinatown border of Manhattan is a retro-style old-school pizza slice joint paying homage to the City's classic slice joint while using fresh, local ingredients such as in-house stone-milled flour and local pepperoni. In this video from Zagat, watch as editor Billy Lyons spent a day inside the Scarr's learning how a classic NYC slice is made from scratch.

While New Yorkers have differing opinions when it comes to what local pizzerias are the best, the hard work it takes to run a slice shop is universal. Zagat editor Billy Lyons visited Scarr's Pizza in Manhattan's Lower East Side to find out what life is like for a modern day pizzaiolo - and to see if he had what it takes to start dishing out dough.