[VIDEO] Why New York’s Flatiron Building is Empty

00:39 - Why they named it the “Flatiron.”
01:49 - What was before the Flatiron building?
03:23 - The Chaotic land grabs in the Flatiron districts
04:06 - How George A Fuller transformed architecture
06:27 - Construction of the FlatIron building
08:46 - Why New York’s believed the Flatiron building caused wind turbulence
09:43 - The downfall of the Flatiron building
10:54 - Renovations to the Flatiron building
11:48 - Why the Flatiron Building is Empty
14:02 - The Future of the Flatiron Building

[WATCH] KISS Celebrates Their Final Shows Ever with Empire State Building Music-to-Lights Show

On November 30th, 2023, KISS lights up the Empire State Building in honor of the band’s 50-year history and origin in New York City. The commemorative show was part of the band’s weeklong celebration in The Big Apple, all leading up to their FINAL SHOWS EVER at Madison Square Garden on Friday, December 1st and Saturday, December 2nd