[WATCH] Stunning Motion Time Lapse Shows Sunset Over East River and Midtown Manhattan Skyline

Local time lapse and hyper lapse photographer Zack Reed recently captured this stunning sunset video featuring the midtown Manhattan skyline as seen from across the East River in Long Island City.

Surreal Sunset: A dolly zoom time-lapse at sunset. The dolly zoom is an in-camera effect that appears to undermine normal visual perception. To achieve this effect, a zoom lens starts at its farthest focal length and as the camera moves forward, the zoom lens changes focal length to a wide focal length.

Check Out This Impressive Etch-A-Sketch Drawing Showing an Aerial View of New York City

Etch A Sketch artist Bryan Lee Madden is perhaps one of the most patient people on this planet, spending dozens of hours creating incredibly detailed illustrated sketches of New York City and other cities. If you are unfamiliar with how this children's toy works, you rotate the knobs to create lines using a stylus under the screen, but you cannot lift the stylus at all, so the entire image is created using just continuous 1-line. Check out Madden's portfolio for more of his work.

Watch This Funny Parody Video of an "Insider's Guide" to New York City Tourist Attractions

This funny video from YouTubers TragicReliefSeries is a short parody of the various* "Insider's Guide to New York City"* videos floating around, offering alternative tips to popular NYC tourist destinations. What makes it funny is that the term "insider" is taken quite literally, offering up "your room" as the alternative to every one of the overrated tourist attractions.

Avoid tourist traps like a true insider with these alternatives!