Jimmy Kimmel Pits Los Angeles Against New York City in This Funny Segment

Apparently, the country thinks there is some sort of rivalry between our City and Los Angeles. To be honest, Los Angeles can barely be called a city at all. As one redditor put it:

LA isn't a city, it's a bunch of suburbs with a highway connecting all of them.

None-the-less, a few years ago Jimmy Kimmel asked New Yorkers for their impressions of people from L.A. and vice versa. Spoiler alert: they were not that flattering. Obviously we are biased here, but it seems that NYC won this round.

This Interactive Map Shows the High Stress Biking Areas Throughout New York City

PlacesForBikes Bike Network Analysis (screenshot)
PlacesForBikes Bike Network Analysis (screenshot)

The team at PeopleForBikes have created this great interactive map called the Bike Network Analysis showing the places across the City that are the most and least stressful to ride in on a bicycle.

The project, called the “PlacesForBikes Bike Network Analysis” uses OpenStreetMap (which PeopleForBikes describes as “a sort of Wikipedia for online maps”) and methodology developed by Northeastern University’s Peter Furth. […] The networks are evaluated with a number of key destinations in mind. Bikers should be able to access residences, retail, jobs and educational services, food, health care and transit on a relatively low-stress route. “Low-stress” was an indicator developed by considering lane counts and widths, speed limits, traffic signals and parked cars along the route.

New York City is only one of 299 cities analyzed, and we score pretty low as expected. Biking in New York City is both hard and dangerous, something this project hopes to improve both here and nationwide. Play around with the full map for more.