What's Your Subway Station Number? Website Quizzes How New York You Really Are

What's Your Subway Number
What's Your Subway Number
Photo: The Cleverest

What's Your Subway Station Number is a simple interactive subway map where you can click on any station, then watch as your "subway number" increases with varying tourist-vs-resident labels. I got Official Resident with 110, but I may be forgetting some.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • 0: NYC Outsider
  • 1: First-Time Rider
  • up-to 10: Tourist
  • up-to 20: Rich Tourist
  • up-to 80: Junior Commuter
  • up-to 130: Official Resident
  • up-to 250: NYC Lifer
  • up-to 350: Urban Explorer
  • up-to 419: MTA Worker
  • anything more: Filthy Liar

What's your NYC subway station number?