[VIDEO] Here's Why We Must Honor Stonewall as a Turning Point on Its 50th Anniversary

The events at the Stonewall Inn in 1969 were a vital turning point in LGBTQ+ history, but it wasn’t the start of the gay liberation movement. Eric Marcus from Making Gay History explains why it’s so important to honor the memory of Stonewall, 50 years later.

Check out the Stonewall Inn to learn more about its part in the beginnings of the Pride movement.

[WATCH] Take a Virtual Ride in the Coney Island Wonder Wheel's Swinging Cars

Open for an incredible 99 years, Deno's Wonder Wheel is a famous ferris wheel and amusement park in Coney Island that has been family owned for three generations. The Vourderis family of Brooklyn has been keeping the wheel running through storms and blizzards, hurricanes and, even worse, the 1980's. In this POV video from YouTuber ActionKid, see what it's like to take a ride on one of the wheel's swinging cages.

POV of the Deno's Wonder Wheel Ferris Wheel at Coney Island, Brooklyn. There are two options for the Ferris Wheel: Swinging and Stationary. This video is for the Swinging version.