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Brevoort’s Bend, Broadway, Greenwich Village, Manhattan. Photo via @chief770 #viewingnyc #newyork #newyorkcity #nyc
Brevoort’s Bend, Broadway, Greenwich Village, Manhattan. Photo via @chief770 #viewingnyc #newyork #newyorkcity #nyc
Photo: @viewingnyc

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Floating Forest at Brooklyn Navy Yard; When New Yorkers Lived Knee-Deep in Trash; NYC's Best Escape Rooms

Swale Floating Food Forest
Swale Floating Food Forest
Photo: Inhabitat

There is a lot of stuff going on the City, and we can't write about it all. Here are some interesting things some of our friends have written up lately.

[VIDEO] This Professional Puppy Party Planner Has New York City's Best Job

Puppy Parties NYC is a unique business offering party planning services for those who really want to pamper their pooch. Started by the holder of New York City's best job, Hayley Mehalco, the company makes chicken broth mocktails, salmon sushi rolls, meat snacks and special meaty cakes. They provide themed costumes, decorations and invitations for any kind of dog-friendly event. Check it out in this video from our friends at Insider.

Hayley Mehalco is a professional dog party planner, and it may be the best job in the world. Her dog parties range from birthday bashes to extravagant farewell get togethers, complete with themed snacks. The dogs even receive nonalcoholic doggie cocktails made from chicken broth and cranberry juice.