This Interactive Map Shows the Median Rents Near New York City Subway Stations

New York City real-estate search website RentHop recently analyzed their data, cross-referencing each subway station with the median rent of the area around it. Creating an interactive map from their found data, we can see exactly which of the subway-accessible neighborhoods are the most expensive and which are not.

New York’s MTA subway system is an essential part of many New Yorkers’ lives. With as many as 5.7 million riders each weekday, it truly is the backbone of the city. It should be no surprise then, that it is one of the first things that people consider when looking to rent an apartment. Close proximity to the right trains means shorter commutes and more time spent doing what you love. RentHop’s data scientists love maps and rental data, and so we’ve mapped out rental prices by subway stop to assist in your apartment hunting endeavors.

The good news is that overall rents are going down a bit City-wide. Check out the accompanying article for more info and for more takeaways.

Learn About the History of Greenwich Village in This Short 36-Second Video

From the very top of One World Trade Center, One World Observatory can see just about everything in New York City. While up on the 102nd floor, you can rent an iPad which has a special app on it containing augmented reality bits of information over the skyline you are seeing, plus these short, informative videos telling you what you are looking at. The One World Explorer app videos are now online, and in this one, learn some of the history of Greenwich Village in just 36-seconds.