[WATCH] How NYC’s Wall Street Architecture Reflects the Power of Finance

Today AD returns to New York City for a deep-dive walking tour of Wall Street in Downtown Manhattan with architect Nicholas Potts. From the origins of the New York Stock Exchange and its majestic columns to the many architectural styles on display within just a few city blocks, come along as Nick breaks down everything worth seeing when visiting Wall Street and New York's financial district.

[REPOST] [WATCH] Check Out the Corned Beef Sandwich in Pizza Form at Chelsea's Lions, Tigers and Squares

Lions and Tigers and Squares is a new Detroit style pizza restaurant from the genius pizzaioli behind beloved New York City style Artichoke Basille's Pizza. Inspired by the city's long history of pizza and their unique way of preparation in a nuts-and-bolts pan, Francis Garcia and Sal Basille brings the style to New York City with their Chelsea restaurant, but not without adding their own local flair, like a Corned Beef Sandwich in pizza formed, featured in this short video from our friends at Thrillist.

Two things all New Yorkers love are corned beef sandwiches and pizza. This love was the inspiration behind a new pizza creation from Staten Island pizza legends, Francis Garcia and Sal Basille: The Mustard Pizza. The co-owners of Lions & Tigers & Squares -- a Detroit-style pizzeria with “New York flavor” -- throw the tomato sauce out the window, going corner to corner with spicy brown mustard. Then they add sauerkraut, slices of corned beef, and a mound of cheddar cheese to make the closest thing out there to a Katz’s sandwich in pizza form.