Viewing NYC on Instagram, July 20th, 2019

New York, New York.
New York, New York.
Photo: boruckii

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[VIDEO] Check Out Black Ant, an East Village Restaurant Serving Grasshoppers and Other Insects

Black Ant is an East Village Mexican food restaurant that stands out amongst all other Mexican food restaurants in the area for one big reason: insects.

In this video from Business Insider, watch as editors head to the restaurant to try grasshoppers and other insects with their meal.

We went to Black Ant to try their grasshoppers. Served with 2 salsas and guacamole, the fried bugs tasted like a cross between crispy beef and seafood. Overall it was very delicious and highly recommended.

[WATCH] Take a Virtual Ride in the Diagonal Elevator at 34th Street-Hudson Yards Station

The 34th Street-Hudson Yards 7 station is the third deepest station in the New York City subway system. Because of the placement of the tracks deep underground, and the location of the entrance lobby, the elevators inside had to be built on a diagonal slant.

Vimeo uploader Pedro H. recently filmed a ride inside on of these diagonal elevators so we could get a peek at what it's like to ride inside.

The elevators at this station are unusual in that they don't go vertically. they go diagonally, like a funicular. It's pretty cool. I was on one of those funiculars in Quebec City.