Vintage Home Video Shows Madonna's First Gig in New York City at Danceteria in 1982

Madonna has been making headlines and selling out stadiums for decades, but she wasn't always that big. Check out this vintage home video recording of her performing at the Danceteria in Hell's Kitchen back in 1982. She is young, full of energy and a fresh voice, plus has 3 backup dancers that look like they came from a high school talent show.

This Vintage Silent Movie Shows Manhattan in 1916 As Seen From 6th Avenue El

This fantastic vintage silent film from around 1916 shows a trip down the 6th Avenue El heading south starting at Midtown Manhattan. Created by the Ford Motor Company and placed within the U.S. National Archives catalog, the original catalog description provided by Ford reads as follows:

“Looking up Broadway from 69th Street.”
Automobile traffic.
“Herald Square with Times Building in distance.”
Point House, Hamburg American Building, Battery Place Station.
“Battery Park and aquarium.”
“Lower Broadway and Singer Building in distance.”
“Washington Arch at the beginning of Fifth Avenue.” [1916]

Check out the specimen page in the U.S. National Archives catalog for more info on the film.