[WATCH] Head to Cheeseboat in Williamsburg for Delicious Bread Boats Filled With Cheese

Photo: Viewing NYC

Cheeseboat is a small Georgian restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that serves up traditional khachapuri, a boat-shaped bread bowl filled with melted cheese, butter, and sometimes meats and other ingredients. In this video from our friends at Insider, see what it's all about.

Georgian restaurant Cheeseboat in Brooklyn, NY makes a cauldron of cheese, egg, and butter! It's basically like fondue but it's better, because there's no bowl.

This Brooklyn Man Makes Incredible Homemade Instruments From Street Trash and Junk

Photo: Viewing NYC

Our friends at Great Big Story recently created this great profile video of musician/artist/luthier Ken Butler, a Brooklyn man who make incredible homemade musical instruments from found street trash and discarded junk.

Ken Butler is a Brooklyn-based artist and musician who has built over 400 musical instruments. But these aren't just any custom-built instruments. Butler builds his pieces from discarded items he finds on the streets of New York City. Hockey sticks, tennis rackets, brooms, golf clubs, pieces of furniture, styrofoam, toothbrushes: all are fair game for his masterpieces. It's musique concrète... jungle.

Check Out This Vintage Footage of Bicycle Racing at the Coney Island Velodrome Circa 1930

This vintage home movie, uploaded to YouTube by David W. Haas, M.D., shows the bicycle races at the famous Coney Island Velodrome around 1930. The film was captured by Haas' grandfather, a bicycle race fan.

According to my mom, my grandfather loved going to see bicycle races in New York City, especially Italian racers. This home movie shows bicycle racing at the Coney Island Velodrome in Brooklyn NY, circa 1930. The movie was filmed by my grandfather, William Whitman, Sr., and the music is by my daughter, Anna Haas. Please share widely.