[WATCH] New York City's LOST Pulitzer Tower - The Rise and Fall of The World Building

Once the tallest building in New York City and the tallest office building in the world, the World Building of New York is no longer present in its skyline. Officially known as the Pulitzer Building, named for the same man as the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism, this building had an extensive history despite being wiped from the map. Tied to both the American Civil War and the Second World War, one can feel its presence over decades, and it still has reverberations to this day.

[VIDEO] 2022 New York City Pride March Highlights

These are some highlights of the NYC Pride March last June 26, 2022. The roots of New York City Pride March began with the Stonewall Uprising of 1969. One year later, the first NYC Pride March was organized by the Christopher Street Liberation Day Committee, and marches have continued every year since.

The NYC Pride March began at noon on June 26th from 25th Street and 5th Avenue. Marchers proceeded south on 5th Avenue before heading west on 8th Street. After crossing over 6th Avenue, the March continued on Christopher Street passing the Stonewall National Monument. It then turned north on 7th Avenue, passing the New York City AIDS Memorial, before dispersing in Chelsea at 16th Street and 7th Avenue.

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