Check Out This Incredible Street Art Hidden in an Abandoned NYC Subway Station

Brooklyn-based photographer Victor Thomas (previously) is an Urban Explorer and Instagrammer in New York City that scales buildings, rooftops, and bridges to get the perfect aerial view. In this recent video from Thomas, watch as he heads underground this time and films exposes some incredible street art found in an undisclosed abandoned New York City subway station. Check out his Instagram @vic.invades for more of Thomas' urban exploration photos and videos.

[WATCH] Comedian Tries To Clean a Dirty New York City Subway Platform by Hand

Comedian and Gothamist video editor/producer Jeff Seal recently went out to the Brooklyn High Street station in Brooklyn Heights to see if he could actually clean the dirty, grimy subway platform using household cleaning products and a bit of elbow grease. Check it out!

So there we were, looking down at our chosen section of platform, hoping to reveal what was at the bottom of these layers of grime. We guessed the first coating was from the '70s, at least, but this could go back as far as 1933 when the station first opened. The dirt is really baked in there—so much so that the surface seemed impenetrable. No amount of elbow grease seemed like it was going to make a dent, but Jeff got down there and gave it a shot.

Check out the accompanying article to read more about what transpired.

Michelin-Starred Chef Missy Robbins Makes Some of the Best Pasta in Brooklyn

Misi is a new Italian-food restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn from Michelin-starred chef Missy Robbins that uses her expertise to create some of the best pasta in the borough. In this video from our friends at Insider, watch as hosts Aly Weisman and Josh Beckerman take a peek inside to see how it's done.

Michelin-star chef Missy Robbins is famous for her homemade pasta that she makes fresh every day in her two Brooklyn restaurants. Aly Weisman and food blogger, Foodie Magician, visit the newest restaurant, Misi, where Robbins teaches them how to cook and prepare pasta.