Check Out Staten Island's Abandoned Seaview Hospital From Above in This Aerial Video

When it opened in 1913, Staten Island's Sea View Hospital was celebrated as the "largest and finest hospital ever built" for tuberculosis patients, and by a city official as "vast, ingenious, practical, convenient, sanitary, and beautiful." In the mid-1940's, Sea View contributed to a series of medical breakthroughs in developing streptomycin, an antibiotic effective in the treatment and ultimate curing of tuberculosis. Streptomycin was so effective in healing patients that by 1961, the main hospital was all but empty.

In this aerial video from native Staten Islander and drone videographer Matthew Chirico, see the abandoned Sea View Hospital, and the nearby Staten Island Farm Colony, like you've never seen before.

Enjoy the aerial views never seen before of the abandoned Seaview Hospital & NYC Farm Colony.

This Artist Creates Colorful Wall Mazes Out of New York City Street Maps

Sunset Gradient Manhattan Maze Puzzle
Sunset Gradient Manhattan Maze Puzzle

Through her design studio Dirt Alley Design, San Francisco based artist Michelle Chandra created a colorful and playful series of mazes based off of Manhattan, Brooklyn and other city street maps. Each of the maps is available in multiple colors, sizes and styles. According to the artist herself, here is how they are made:

  • First, Michelle chooses a city and downloads the city street data
  • Michelle draws the puzzle maze on top of the street data (removing streets to make the maze less complex!) and tests the maze is challenging to solve with friends and family
  • Michelle screen prints each maze print by hand using a home-made vacuum screenprinting press built by Michelle's dad, Umesh

Check out the full range of maps available over at her Dirt Alley Design online store.

Blue Brooklyn City Map Poster
Blue Brooklyn City Map Poster

"Jimmy Ong" on NYC Pads: a Funny Web Series Like MTV Cribs But for Normal New Yorkers

NYC Pads is a funny web series that is in the same vein as MTV's "Cribs" where a celebrity's home is toured during the show. The twist is that the people in the NYC Pads videos are normal New Yorkers with shitty apartments. In this episode from the series, watch as hosts Maddy and Caroline explore the Williamsburg, Brooklyn home of Jimmy Ong

This week, NYC Pads goes to see Jimmy Ong and prove once and for all that he is, in fact, Steve Aoki