Foreign Diplomats Owe New York City Over $6 Million in Unpaid Parking Tickets

Ben Wellington of I Quant NY, a.k.a. the next Nate Silver, and a Visiting Assistant Professor at Pratt's School of Architecture, recently compiled data from the a dataset of unpaid New York City parking tickets since 1998 and cross-referenced them with the license plates of foreign diplomats.

Wellington found that over $16 million of unpaid parking tickets have accumulated and been ignored, so created this interesting interactive map which tallies the total parking ticket fines diplomats from each nation owes the City.

All in, diplomats owe NYC $16,024,266 in tickets. The top 20 countries in terms of their diplomatic debt are listed below. Egypt tops the list with about 2 million dollars currently owed. Nigeria and Indonesia round out the top 3.

Check out the full article for more on the methodology and some analysis of the data.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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