Watch: Opening Day at New York City's Newest Green Space, Liberty Park

(Video: Max Scheidhauer for Viewing NYC. Music: Joakim Karud)

The highly anticipated park at the World Trade Center is now open to the public. Opened just yesterday, the tiny Liberty Park is one acre in size and High Line-esque as it sits 25 feet above Liberty Street.

From that height, park-goers can catch a new view of the World Trade Center, overlook upon the 9/11 Memorial and plaza, admire the gardens planted throughout the park, or even take a nap on one of the many long benches. The new elevated park is sure to be a hotspot for locals and tourists alike.

Max Scheidhauer

Max Scheidhauer

Video Producer

Max recently moved to NYC to audition for Rent only to find out the play closed 8 years ago. So he's now doing the next best thing: producing videos for Viewing NYC.

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