The Salty Road Candy Shop Creates Artisanal Salt Water Taffy in Brooklyn

The Salty Road is a boutique confectionary which makes unique salt water taffy out of Brooklyn. Confectioner/Owner Marisa Wu started the company in 2011 after noting with a friend that they couldn't find any locally made salt water taffy, so she immediately set out to create her own version of taffy using fresh ingredients instead of the flavor syrups used by massed-produced candies.

Most taffy makers make one ginormous "white" batch, divide it and add different artificial colors and flavors to it. We use all natural flavors, for the vanilla we start with a real vanilla bean dry it out on low in the oven and pulverize it to bits making vanilla dust this way we use the whole bean and get even more of that amazing vanilla aroma into our taffy. [...]

In addition to the real ingredients, another unique aspect of The Salty Road's taffy is the addition of an ingredient you would expect to be commonplace.

Many taffy makers don't put any salt in their taffy. We use large grain sea salt in all of our taffy. It creates a balance with the sweetness in the candy and enhances all of our natural flavors. And don't forget the amazing crunch it adds. It is one the most unique things about Salty Road apart from your hum drum taffy makers. Yay salt!

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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