Public Service Announcment: Smiling For a Selfie at the Scene of a Tragic Event is Indecent Human Behavior

Friday night #eastvillage @evgrieve
Friday night #eastvillage @evgrieve

In what could possibly be one of the most poor-taste photos we have seen, this is a group of young women snapping a selfie in front of the East Village Explosion and Fire… with a selfie stick… while smiling.

Commenters on E.V. Grieve sum it up pretty well:

I think the smiling is what people have a problem with, and rightly so.... and the background is totally what that pic is about. Their shitty attitude is it didn't happen to me, so what: the same reason you see people recording this on their phones instead of at the very least helping by not being in the way of emergency personnel. Youth is wasted on the young.

This happened, as well, the day after Sandy. The good thing, though, was that soon the phones died, couldn't be recharged due to lack of electricity, and all that nonsense stopped.

I am incredulous. I am hoping one of the big media outlets gets their hands on this photo and these women are identified and asked to explain their behavior.

This is simply distasteful and disrespectful. This is not a time to be taking selfies and making light of the situation. Stupid kids.

I'm not seeing kids or girls here, I'm seeing women well into their twenties at least, which means they are old enough to know better. This revolting act of self-absorption is made about 100x worse by the smiling. It's clear they don't care about the suffering of others but they're also so foolish, they could very well lose their jobs and be socially ostracized for years for this moment of heartless stupidity.

via EV Grieve

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