Mental Floss Explains Why the City's Infamous Poop Train Crapped Out

NYC - Manhole cover
NYC - Manhole cover
Photo: mseguias

Humorous facts, trivia and history site Mental Floss recently published an interesting article dishing out the history of our City's infamous poop train and why it is not longer running.

Most of us don’t give a second thought to what happens after we flush, but our daily leftovers have to end up somewhere. In New York City, where residents create approximately 1200 tons of sewage every day, this is not an issue to poo-poo—and for 20 years, the answer was a train loaded with our refuse that left the city and traveled 1600 miles out west, where farmers made the best of a stinky situation. New York City's Poop Train, and the controversy surrounding it, were featured in a 2013 episode of the podcast RadioLab.

The full article on Mental Floss is a short but fascinating read.

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