This Abandoned Citi Bike Wins the Trophy for Most Disgusting Bike in New York City Hands Down

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Spotted near Stuyvesant Cove Park by Andrew Adam Newman on Ave C, who noted the bike "looked like it had been dipped in the sewer."

Citi Bike has been great for the City thus far, providing low cost transportation alternatives around Lower Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn. Because the bikes sit on the street at all hours of the day, and because people are monsters, the bikes see regular vandalism. The random tire stomp, theft or graffiti is expected, but I don’t think anybody could have expected this to happen to a Citi Bike.

The bike seems to have been living underwater for quite some time in the East River, just off of Stuyvesant Town. No word yet on exactly how the East River mutated the molecular structure of this toxic bike, but this is surely how super villains are formed. If you see an evil 50ft tall Citi Bike terrorizing the City later this year, consider this its baby picture.

via EV Grieve

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