Future Darwin Award Winner Climbs Brooklyn Bridge and Pulls Out a Selfie Stick

😎 #newyorkcity#nyc#again#vscocam#gopro#goprophotography#adventureaddiction @kameleonz
😎 #newyorkcity#nyc#again#vscocam#gopro#goprophotography#adventureaddiction @kameleonz
Photo: davidkarny

There are 2 types of people that climb bridges illegally. The first is the small group of Urban Explorers who take the utmost care when climbing to stay safe, stay out of jail and capture amazing photos from cool places.

Then we also have people like tourist and future darwin award winner David Karnauch, who decided to climb the bridge, balance on the edge, whip out a selfie stick, and snap a photo not only with his face in full view, but then post it to his personal Instagram account as well.

The pic has gone viral, and the NYPD is pissed about it.

All idiocy aside, that is a fantastic view.

Brooklyn bridge 2x
Brooklyn Bridge

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