Infographic Comparing New York City's Size to Other Major Cities and Landmarks Around the World

How Big is New York City, Actually?
How Big is New York City, Actually?
Photo: Sparefoot

New York City is big, we all know that. But can you say how big it is compared to, say Mexico City? What about the Grand Canyon?

NYC storage-finding company Sparefoot recently made this great infographic which superimposes the geographic outline of New York City onto maps of other cities and landmarks at the same scale, allowing us to get a good idea of just how large NYC really is.

We used a special mapping tool called MAPfrappe, which we used to draw an outline of New York City's city limits. What makes MAPfrappe particularly powerful is the fact that it allows users to move their outlines across Google Maps, readjusting the shape and scale of the outline to compensate for Mercator projection distortions, in effect allowing for 2D comparisons on a 3D globe. This allowed us to compare New York City to cities, states, and landmarks around the world.

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