Behind-the-Scenes Tour of New York Public Library's $2.6M "Book Train" Conveyer System

The New York Public Library just unveiled a technologically advanced $2.6M conveyer system to shuttle books around the facility between the main stacks and wherever else they are needed.

In this video from the NYPL Digital Producer Jonathan Blanc, watch and see what the "Book Train" can do.

When guests request research materials, they’ll come from a new, $23 million state-of-the-art storage facility below Bryant Park. To bring the materials up, the library installed an innovative conveyor system known as the “book train,” which, according to a press release, “consists of 24 individual red cars that run on rails and can seamlessly and automatically transition from horizontal to vertical motion,” transporting up to 30 pounds of materials at a time in just five minutes.

via 6sqft

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