American Museum of Natural History's Shelf Life Video Series Covers Giant Squids

In the most recent episode of Shelf Life entitled The Voyage of the Giant Squid, the American Museum of Natural History discusses how curators deal with the challenges associated with getting a giant squid from New Zealand to New York.

This episode of Shelf Life focuses on the very practical problem of transporting a rare giant squid specimen. But long before they were a quandary for customs officials, these mysterious cephalopods fueled folklore all over the world. They’re not alone—many storied beasts took shape around seeds of reality. While they may not breathe fire, heal disease, or crush ships, the animals that inspired their mythological counterparts are no less fantastic.

Read through the accompanying article for more info on the giant squid collection and other amazing animals that inspired mythological creatures in the museum's collection.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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