[VIDEO] American Museum of Natural History's Shelf Life Video Series Covers The Dinosaurs of Ghost Ranch

In the most recent episode of Shelf Life entitled The Dinosaurs of Ghost Ranch, curators from the American Museum of Natural History tell the story behind the Museum's treasure trove of Triassic fossils from Ghost Ranch, New Mexico.

Once protected in plaster, these specimens are moved from the dig site and annotated with a series of field notes. These record for posterity where, when, and by whom a fossil was excavated, indicate estimates of how many fossils are in a given block, and offer preliminary identification of the remains. Once these notes are made, the specimen is placed in a crate and shipped to the Museum.

Read through the accompanying article for more info on the Museum's Collection of fossils found at Ghost Ranch.

Originally published on September 29th, 2015

Matt Coneybeare

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