Watch Sushi Chef David Bauhadana Cook One Last Time Before Leaving Sushi Dojo

We recently wrote about how health inspectors are ruining sushi in the City, and how sushi chef David Bouhadana was leading the fight against the rule. Well… the owner of Sushi Dojo didn't agree and chef Bouhadana and the restaurant are now parting ways.

In this video from Eater, watch as host Kat Odell heads to Sushi Dojo for one last meal at Bouhadana's omakase counter.

Chef David Bouhadana is Florida-raised, of French-Moroccan descent, and passionate about preparing the best sushi in New York City. Having trained with top Sushi Masters in both the U.S. and Japan, David has a decade of experience that he brings to his approach to preparing Sushi, in addition to his undeniable passion for it.

via Eater NY

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