[WATCH] Lagman House Is New York City’s Only Dungan Restaurant

Meet the family behind Lagman House, the only restaurant in America serving Dungan cuisine.
During the times of the Silk Road, some Hui Chinese women married Arab Muslim silk traders. The offspring of this pairing created the Dungan people. After facing societal oppression in China, the Dungans immigrated to central Asia, settling in places like Kazakhstan and Krygyzstan.
One of these Dungan families is the Azimovs, who immigrated from Kazakhstan to Brooklyn in search of a better life.

Once the Azimovs moved to Brooklyn, they decided to share their culture's unique cuisine with the world by opening Lagman House. The family works together serving recipes that have been passed down for generations to their new community in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

Their food resembles Chinese food with noteworthy Russian and Kazakhstani influence. The specialty at Lagman House is the hand-pulled noodles (lagman), which are cooked and served with ingredients like beef, onions, garlic, and bell peppers. Other popular dishes are the chives stir fry, the Dungan-style samsa, the eggplant gravy and the Dungan noodle soup.

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