[WATCH] Here's How the New York City Steakhouse Became a Cultural Institution

With dozens of historic steakhouses probably older than you are, New York City is the best place to get a flavorful cut with a side dish of history. But new steakhouses are joining in and changing the game too, adding a new tangent in the cultural institution that is the New York City steakhouse. Learn how in this short video from our friends at Thrillist.

The New York City steakhouse is one of the city’s most venerable cultural institutions. From Teddy Roosevelt to Albert Einstein, men would arrive to smoke pipes and eat mutton chops — that's just what they did. It has outlasted the mob, the Dodgers, and even the centuries-late arrival of the Second Ave subway. It is a meaty monument of callousness, self-importance, and excess that could only exist at the center of the universe. If you decide to stop in at Keens, Babe Ruth’s old haunt on 36th Street, for a steak, remember the paradox of the NYC steakhouse: It’s good enough to kill you, and it always has been.

via Thrillist

Originally published on July 27th, 2018

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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