[WATCH] Is Kang Ho Gong Baekjeong the Best Korean Barbecue Chain in NYC?

Kang Ho Gong Baekjeong is a Korean barbecue chain that has locations all around the world, yet they still have an incredible and delicious menu that is surprisingly consistent. This reason and others leads Matthew Kang, host of Eater's excellent K-Town series, to believe that Baekjeong can be named the Best Korean Barbecue Chain. In this short video from the series, watch as Matthew and guest host Daniela Galarza sit down at the chain to explain why.

A lot of Korean barbecue restaurants have a thing they do really well, or maybe something you rarely find- but sometimes you want consistency and to know exactly what you're going to get from a restaurant. Baekjeong can give you that. Join host Matthew Kang as he explains why Baekjeong is the best chain.

Find Kang Ho Gong Baekjeong in the Manhattan Koreatown at 1 E 32nd Street.

via Eater

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