[WATCH] Disappearing NYC: Lincoln Plaza Cinemas

I'm not taking the news of the imminent demise of Lincoln Plaza Cinema well. I know I am not alone. For over 30 years, this movie theater has been the Upper West Side neighborhood place to see quality films in a friendly warm environment. It has survived while other neighborhood theaters have vanished: The Regency, The Embassy 72nd Street, The Olympia, The New Yorker, The Metro, Cinema Studio... I can go on and on.

This movie theater's run ends the last day of January 2018. I want to speak to the landlord of this theater directly and tell him he's making a mistake that he can fix.

With camera in hand and on a mission to find like minded folk, I found Upper West Siders and New Yorkers as angry and sad as I am.

I was struck by the passion and feelings people have for this theater. Also, somehow, I missed over the years the unique curves and beauty of the space (probably by scurrying quickly to find good seats).

We have a message to the landlord, Howard Millstein: make capital improvements on this space, but keep the people who run this theater by offering them an affordable lease. Toby Talbot deserves to stay. I want to enjoy the films they hand pick and continue to support the wonderful staff here-- for a very long time. Do the right thing.

Christopher Ming Ryan

Christopher Ming Ryan

Contributing Writer

Chris is the worst selfie-taker in North America. In addition, he's the co-founder of Wheelhouse Communications, a video marketing agency. His passions are his family, pizza and a New York City that is disappearing before our eyes. Sounds like a good film.

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