[WATCH] Disappearing NYC: The Last Day at Tad’s Steakhouse

There was a Runyonesque feel to the last day at Tad’s Steakhouse in Times Square. Guys and Dolls, the musical, was based on Damon Runyon's characters from twenties and thirties.

Tad’s broiled their first meals here in NYC in 1955 where a guy could buy a doll a steak for a buck. Riese Restaurants who owned the limping chain, decided to stop operating in the city. There is one Tad's left in San Francisco.

But last Sunday night, dreamers, lovers, and out-of-towners in fur waited in line for one final nicely nicely priced steak. It was no longer a buck, but way less than a bushel and a peck (about $10 dollars).

Christopher Ming Ryan

Christopher Ming Ryan

Contributing Writer

Chris is the worst selfie-taker in North America. In addition, he's the co-founder of Wheelhouse Communications, a video marketing agency. His passions are his family, pizza and a New York City that is disappearing before our eyes. Sounds like a good film.

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