[WATCH] Maybe We Woke Up: The Saving of The Oldest Bar in Queens: Neir's Tavern

190 year-old Neir's Tavern was saved because of a call to the Mayor on WNYC Radio. Now hear from Loycent Gordon the owner of Neir's why he chose to take over the business 10 years ago. What he loves about it and how in 72 hours time he went from thinking he was closing for good to getting a brand new ten-year lease on life. At the end, Loy has a message for all New Yorkers that must be heard.

Originally published on January 27th, 2020

Christopher Ming Ryan

Christopher Ming Ryan

Contributing Writer

Chris is the worst selfie-taker in North America. In addition, he's the co-founder of Wheelhouse Communications, a video marketing agency. His passions are his family, pizza and a New York City that is disappearing before our eyes. Sounds like a good film.

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