Disappearing NYC: Saving Westsider Books

You may have heard that Westsider Rare & Used Books on the Upper West Side, across from Zabar's, was rescued by a Gofundme campaign started by an Upper West Sider.

As of this moment over 800 people contributed to the campaign and it all started because the owner, Dorian Thornley, said flippantly in a local blog that if someone wanted to raise 50K he would take it and keep the store open. Well, the wish was granted.

See how the neighborhood saved this gem of bookstore from disappearing.

Christopher Ming Ryan

Christopher Ming Ryan

Contributing Writer

Chris is the worst selfie-taker in North America. In addition, he's the co-founder of Wheelhouse Communications, a video marketing agency. His passions are his family, pizza and a New York City that is disappearing before our eyes. Sounds like a good film.

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