Vintage Bird's Eye Photograph of Metropolitan Life Tower Construction in 1909

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Looking Straight Down On Madison Square During The Construction Of The Metropolitan Life Tower - 1909

This bird’s eye view of the construction of the Metropolitan Life Building from 1909 is incredible. From the workers standing on steel beams 700 feet over the ground, to a glimpse of horse drawn vehicles along Madison Avenue, to the view of Madison Square Park, each quadrant of the picture is filled with New York City history.

The Metropolitan Life Building added a tower to its existing building in 1908-1909 enhancing the skyline of New York. An enterprising photographer from the Keystone View Company made his way to the top of the building to take this incredible stereoview photograph of Madison Square Park and the surrounding area.

At the time of completion the Met Life Building was the tallest in the world. Read the full article for more analysis of the many aspects of the amazing photo.

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

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