Video Shows The Rise and Fall of Manhattan Population Density From 1800 to 2010

It is not news that Manhattan is a massively dense urban sprawl, but it hasn’t always been like this. In a short time lapse from the NYU Stern Urbanization Project, the expansion of Manhattan’s rapid development is shown year-by-year. It is a fascinating look at where the development of the City was at in each period of it’s relatively brief history.

This new data visualization is based on a paper authored by Shlomo Angel and Patrick Lamson-Hall.

This animation shows the change in Manhattan's built-up area population density from 1800 - 2010. It is based on data collected by Shlomo Angel and Patrick Lamson-Hall of the NYU Stern Urbanization Project.

This isn't the first video made from this data. We shared another video back in January created by the authors themselves.

via City Lab

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