[VIDEO] Passersby Lift SUV Off Woman Run Over on Lower East Side

A video shows bystanders on the Lower East Side Sunday rocking and tipping an SUV up onto two wheels to free a woman trapped underneath after she was run over by the car. The accident occurred Sunday at the intersection of Delancey and Norfolk streets, where the woman was struck during a traffic incident.

Colby Droscher captured the video and shared a photo afterward showing the woman conscious and being tended to by emergency services. Droscher said there were chaotic scenes at the intersection as people tried to figure out what was happening. "All of a sudden, everyone started running to lift the car," Droscher said, "And that's when a lot of us across the street realized that there was something under the SUV." Drosher said that the people who reacted so quickly showed true acts of heroism.

Police confirmed that the woman was taken to Bellevue Hospital. There were no further details immediately available about the nature of the traffic incident.

via ABC 7

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