[VIDEO] Explore a World Assortment of Meat Perfection at New York City's Best Barbecue, Hometown Bar-B-Que

Red Hook's Hometown Bar-B-Que is a Brooklyn favorite bbq joint, being named New York's Best Barbecue Restaurant in the past for owner and pitmaster Bill Durney's flavor packed meat that is influenced by cuisine around the world.

In this video from Eater, watch as host Nick Solares heads out to Red Hook to see what Hometown Bar-B-Que is all about.

If asked to list America’s barbecue capitals, it would take a while to get to New York City. A haven of bagels and thin crust pizza slices, it’s just not a place renown for smokey and slow cooked meats. But Billy Durney, owner and pitmaster of Red Hook’s Hometown Bar-B-Que, is determined to change that.

via Eater

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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