This Amazing Vintage Film Shows Lower East Side Streets and Tenements in 1934 With Original Sound

This incredible video from October 1934 captured street scenes throughout the Lower East Side of Manhattan. As a neighborhood that has historically been the first stop for immigrants settling in New York City, the Lower East Side was densely packed with people, all crowding into tenement buildings. The footage was restored, properly arranged, and uploaded by YouTuber and historian Guy Jones.

Amazing street scenes in a tenement housing area in New York City on October 15-22, 1934. This cameraman used quick cuts and the reel is completely scattered like a puzzle. I tried to piece everything back together to fit where it should be. The last 2 minutes are silent scenes in the reel so I included the 1934 record "A Hundred Years From Today" by Lee Wiley. These scenes were taken with early Movietone sound cameras. Worked on footage and sound

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Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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