This Amazing Vintage Film Shows Depression-Era New York City Streets With Original Sound

It's not often that vintage film this old has the original sound, but this incredible 30-minute video shows several different depression-era New York City street scenes, each with the original audio. Uploaded to YouTube by historian and editor Guy Jones, the film was cut down from over 3 hours of raw footage, all captured in 1930.

0:07 - Giant convoy passing into the Holland Tunnel (Apr 9)
2:11 - Al Smith at newsboys lodging house (Feb 22)
3:03 - Funeral for Charlie Boston in Chinatown (Jan 12)
5:10 - Scenes on 5th Avenue (Apr 20)
8:41 - Urbain Ledoux speaks for the unemployed (Apr 20)
10:05 - Fire engines in street/Moore Bros building fire (Apr 9)
12:13 - Fire at Woodwork building (Mar 26)
13:19 - Striking employees talk to the cameras (Feb 5)
18:41 - Mary Rizzo dancing down Broadway (May 27)
19:44 - Market on Henry Street (Mar 19)
21:38 - Large protest/funeral for slain strike picketer Steve Katovis (Jan 28)

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Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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