There Was a Large Brush Fire in Prospect Park Monday Night

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@ayjaykru and I were just running through Prospect Park. I noticed a glare from across the field, so we both ran towards it to find a huge ring of fire burning in the woods. I'm pretty sure I was the first person to report it. I wonder who started the fire in the first place. #ProspectSpark #DontPutItOutWithYourBootsTed #Brooklyn #BrushFire #ProspectPark #NYC #ForestFire #AdventuresOfSteveAndAdrienne

Last night around 8:20pm, a large brush fire broke out near the Bartel-Pritchard Square corner of Prospect Park. Nearly 60 firefighters showed up to extinguish the fire over 2 hours.

There are no injuries reported, and the cause of the fire is unknown at this time, though the FDNY suspects it was due to “dry conditions”.

The photo above was captured by Steven Morotta who was running through the park at the time and was the first on scene to call in the fire to the authorities.

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