The Roasting Plant's Javabot Is An Innovative Take on Coffee

Roasting Plant is a modern coffee shop in New York City that, through a machine called Javabot, allows you to make customized drinks on demand. When you walk in to place an order, the first think you notice are dozens of tubes running all around the shop, connecting vats of raw beans, roasted beans, a roaster and a grinder. You tell the barista you want 1/4 Sumatran, 1/4 Columbian and 1/2 Indonesian, then the beans start flying through the tubes making it happen.

The Roasting Plant cafes in New York City use an innovative system called the JavaBot, which allows customers to choose very specific coffee profiles, that are freshly roasted and ground. In this short profile, Genevieve Kappler explains.

The video was made by our friend and local reporter Maya Albanese (previously) and is a short one minute video.

The Roasting Plant

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