Stay Regular, a New Series From Birch Coffee That Interviews Some of Their Interesting New York Regulars

Birch Coffee is a small coffee chain started here in New York City in 2009 that has developed quite a strong following amongst regulars.

The coffee shop recently started this new web series called Stay Regular where they interview some of the more interesting regulars who frequent their flagship store.

In this third episode of the series, Flatiron resident Chelsea Clinton is discusses coffee trends, women's rights, and the global impact of both amongst other topics.

Chelsea sits down with Jeremy, having been a regular at the 27th st. shop for more than 6 years. They discuss parenthood, and her parent's active role in her daughter's life. Her new book. Elephants and the pending Ivory Ban. As well as Women's Rights, Entrepreneurship, and how her "life long love affair with coffee" began.

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Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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