This Greenwich Village Board Game Cafe Has Over 1,100 Games You Can Play For $5

(Video: Max Scheidhauer for Viewing NYC. Music: Joakim Karud)

Located in Greenwich Village just south of Washington Square Park lies The Uncommons, Manhattan's only gaming cafe. The Uncommons takes the age-old idea of playing board games with friends and places it in a welcoming coffee shop environment.

Visitors can enjoy a coffee or beer while sinking friend's battleships or racking up "Get Out of Jail Free" cards. If Battleship or Monopoly aren't your thing, the cafe offers 1,100 other games you can play for as long as you wish for a one time fee of $5.

Boasting the largest publicly accessible board game collection on the East Coast, The Uncommons can take you back to your childhood days. You know, those days when you had 1,100 games to choose from.

Max Scheidhauer

Max Scheidhauer

Video Producer

Max recently moved to NYC to audition for Rent only to find out the play closed 8 years ago. So he's now doing the next best thing: producing videos for Viewing NYC.

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