Sustainability Could Reach New Heights With New York City (Steady) State Project

Green skyscrapers may very well become the norm of a self-sufficient future thanks to New York City (Steady) State Project. Terraform, an independent urban research center headquartered in NYC, began this project to investigate the constant tug of war between the approaching need for sustainable practices and stubborn political boundaries, and whether this tension can be relieved.

The team, led by Michael Sorkin, hopes to inspire debate, design and development by getting information out of the hands of environmental scientists and into the hands of civilians around the globe through a series of encyclopedia-style publications. Each volume focuses on one of the key aspects of sustainable urbanism: food, waste, air, water, climate, and movement.

Check out Terraform to learn more about New York (Steady) State Project and their other urban projects.

Ashley Jankowski

Ashley Jankowski

Contributing Writer

Ashley is a journalism student living in a 5-foot wide bedroom in NYC. In between class, She can be found working out, wandering into bookstores or making To-Do lists.

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