No Cows Were Harmed in The Making of This Trendy NYC Burger

We've all tried veggie burgers before, packed with peas and spinach and legumes. But have you ever tried a burger made entirely from natural plant based proteins? Saxon + Parole in NoHo, is excited to offer the Impossible Burger from Patrick Brown's Impossible Foods Inc. It just may be the closest we've come to creating a burger that provides the carnivore satisfaction, but doesn't harm animals in the process.

In this video from Zagat, watch as editor Billy Lyons heads out to Saxon + Parole to see what this Impossible Burger is all about.

The Impossible Burger might be the closest scientists have come to replicating the texture and color of real meat that's good enough to eat. See how this plant based patty is made and why chefs like Brad Farmerie of Saxon + Parole are excited to offer this new invention on their menu.


Emily O'Hanlon

Emily O'Hanlon

Contributing Writer

Emily is a Long Island Native, with close ties to Queens and Brooklyn. She loves playing the ukulele, traveling to interesting cities, experimenting with different cuisines, and petting as many dogs as possible.

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