New Bill Gives You More Legal Protection When Crossing the Street in New York City

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Today’s legislation ensures that pedestrians who enter a crosswalk during the flashing “Pedestrian Change Interval” have the right of way under New York City law.
Photo: DOT

Up until yesterday’s bill passed unanimously by City Council members in New York City, your pedestrian rights crossing the street were not fully covered as they should have been. Public Advocate Letitia James led the charge in changing the law.

Currently, pedestrians who cross the street when signals are flashing a red hand are denied legal protections by NYC law enforcement agencies. James’s bill changes that, closing a loophole in city rules.

This means that even if you enter the crosswalk while the signal is flashing, if there is a collision with an automobile, the driver will be found at fault. Hopefully this will lead to less aggressive drivers trying to plow their way through a sea of crossing pedestrians.

Check out the full article for more analysis on the bill.

Matt Coneybeare

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