More on Duke Riley's "Fly By Night" Pigeon-Based LED Art Project in Brooklyn

Local bird connoisseur and artist Duke Riley recently teamed up with Creative Time for a new performance project called Fly By Night which uses trained pigeons outfitted with bright LED lights and sends them soaring across the Brooklyn night sky.

In this short video from Vice's The Creators Project, see what it takes to setup for a performance of "Fly By Night".

At twilight at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Duke Riley released thousands of birds with LED lights strapped to their legs, illuminating the sky in a choreographed flight pattern. The Creators Project got a chance to meet with Duke in his converted aircraft carrier-turned-birdcoop in the days before this first performance, getting exclusive behind-the-scenes access to his process: The complex training of pigeons, the inspiration behind this performance art piece, and Duke's history in creating art about and with marginalized communities, including the pigeon fanciers of New York.

Check out the accompanying article for more info.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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