Hundreds of Brooklyn Pigeons Ornamented With LED Lights For Illuminated Flight Art Show

Local bird connoisseur and artist Duke Riley is teaming up with Creative Time on a new project called Fly By Night which adorns trained pigeons with LED lights and sends them soaring across the Brooklyn sky.

Thousands of the ubiquitous urban birds, outfitted with their own small LED lights, will take to the night sky above the Brooklyn Navy Yard each weekend between May 7 and June 12 as part of artist Duke Riley’s Fly by Night project, put on by public arts organization Creative Time.

Riley, who has been noted to have been raising pigeons since his 20's, is excited to see this project combining two of his favorite things come to life at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Admission is free, but be sure to reserve your spot here before they run out of tickets!

via DNAinfo

Ravey Redd

Ravey Redd

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