Map Showing New York City's 15 Most Rapidly Gentrifying Neighborhoods

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Classification of New York City's Sub-Borough Areas
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Classification of Sub-Borough Areas

NYU Furman Center recently released a new report that analyzes New York City’s gentrifying neighborhoods over time to find shifting demographics, and identify the most rapidly gentrifying areas in the City.

A special report on gentrification (PDF) by the NYU Furman Center explores gentrification within the context of New York City’s neighborhoods. Of the city’s 55 neighborhoods, the report classifies 15 as “gentrifying” and analyzes how their housing and population have changed over the past two decades.

The 15 neighborhoods identified as gentrifying are:

  1. Williamsburg/Greenpoint
  2. Central Harlem
  3. Lower East Side/Chinatown
  4. Bushwick
  5. East Harlem
  6. Morningside Heights/Hamilton Heights
  7. Bedford Stuyvesant
  8. North Crown Heights/Prospect Heights
  9. Washington Heights/Inwood
  10. Mott Haven/Hunts Point
  11. Astoria
  12. Sunset Park
  13. Morrisania/Belmont
  14. Brownsville/Ocean Hill
  15. South Crown Heights

Check out the full report (PDF) for more.

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