"The Rope Of Life", A Magic Routine And Poetry Recital In Times Square

Magician and actor Morten Deurell recently performed this fantastic rope trick with Times Square as the backdrop. The rope tricks are great on their own, but he combines the trick with poetry that fits the trick perfectly. Here is the poem he recites while performing the rope act:

Some people think of life as birth and death The ticking time from first to final breath Others try to live a double life In which to keep a balance is a strife A certain path to chaos and to pain Their only wish is just to start again Some see the selves as victims of lifes puzzle Others as creators of solution Fighting with their strength of mind and muscle In balance they Might come to this conclusion That suffering and pain was never here It was the ego that made it appear Some people will hold on to the illusion. Trying to keep the truth out of their sight Always missing out on revolution Maybe you can help them shine their light So if someone shows a sign of giving up They’re telling you they want the pain to stop Then Lend a hand to give them back some order So they can sail secure through troubled water.

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