You Can Live Alongside a Billionaire in New York City for as Low as $500k

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Real estate website Property Shark recently scoured their listing data to find building which Billionaires live in that also have “affordable” listings for studios and other small apartments. What that means is that while you probably are not a billionaire, you could potentially live next door to one for cheaper than you think.

In Manhattan, a cool, upscale neighborhood means that the rich must have already claimed a little part of it as their own. We therefore looked around some of the most desirable townhouses and buildings that New York billionaires call home to try and find how deep your pockets need to be for you to call yourself a “neighbor of the super-rich”. And while this title does not come cheap, a few of these properties’ asking prices won’t make that many Manhattanites wince.

Check out the report for the full list of low cost apartments in buildings that house billionaires.

Matt Coneybeare

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