Interactive Map of Noise Complaints in the City Over The Past 5 Years

Real estate site Trulia recently put together this sweet interactive map that shows where noise complaints have occurred in the City over the past 5 years.

We took it upon ourselves to think about another way to look at noise: how many people are actually complaining about it and where are they located? Now, this approach admittedly has its flaws: there could be serial noise complainers, the data could be skewed by population, or there could be reporting biases. Regardless, if there were enough data, wouldn’t it be cool to see what it looked like?

They even created down special maps for barking dogs and ice cream trucks specifically.

Most of the noise complaints are in Manhattan due to density, but there are tons of colored spots throughout all 5 boroughs on the interactive map.

How loud is your neighborhood?

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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