Interactive Map Shows Which Neighborhoods Complain About Homeless the Most

Map Shows Where NYers Complain About Homeless The Most
Map Shows Where NYers Complain About Homeless The Most
Photo: Gothamist

A new interactive map shows the calls to 311 with complaints about homeless people broken down by neighborhood.

Steven Melendez sifted through 311 calls from January 1st to August 31st in both 2014 and 2015, with logs covering both complaints about homeless encampments and reports of homeless individuals in need of assistance. Melendez then synthesized the compiled data into this map, showing every neighborhood in the city and their respective change in complaints over the last year

With all the hooplah on the UWS and UES lately, you would expect those to be highest, but there are areas with a far larger rate of increase in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Check out the full map to see how callous your neighborhood is.

via Gothamist

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