How Many Square Feet You Can Buy for $300,000 in New York City?

The nationwide average for home sales price is $300,000. Real Estate website Point2 Homes recently crunched the numbers in our 50 most-populous cities to see how many square feet that $300k will get you in each city, and in each New York City borough as well.

Surprise, surprise! It turns out that Manhattan is the worst in the country, with $300k only netting you 165 square feet on average.

Say your mortgage is somewhere around $300,000 – pretty average for the US. Would you rather live in a 165 sq. ft. Manhattan “studio” (where you get to choose between fitting in a bed or a desk), or in a 4,478 sq. ft. Memphis mansion (where you can probably dedicate an entire room to band practice)? The differences between major American city real estate prices really are that great! You can argue about amenities, cultural vibe or average weather all day. Eventually, it all comes down to elbow room for you and your family.

Check out the accompanying article for more insight.

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