Here's a Rare Peek at What Lies Directly Beneath a Centuries-Old Lower Manhattan Street

Underneath Nassau Street in Manhattan's Financial District
Underneath Nassau Street in Manhattan's Financial District
Photo: Dreamstime

Perhaps you've seen a glimpse here and there during construction, but rarely do you get to see what is directly underneath a centuries-old Lower Manhattan street. In this interesting photo snapped on Nassau Street during some construction on a new building, see the entire street peeled away, revealing a complex history of New York City infrastructure. According to redditor Allittle1970:

I have worked on the design and implementation of downtown underground infrastructure. You have to deal with 150 years of underground systems. Think about all the changes and a lot is abandoned along the way. Lights have gone from gas to electric, water and gas pressure and volume requirements have increased, telephone has changed from copper to fiber with multiple carriers, electrical voltage and power has increased for AC. Systems like central cooling and steam, police and fire call boxes, public telephones, have fallen out of favor. Police surveillance and monitoring, wireless and other services are growing. Lots of stuff to bury

Here is a Google StreetView of the same section of street while covered in asphalt.

Nassau St
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