Hanksy to Bring Back Surplus Candy LA Virtual Reality Gallery Event Next Week on LES

Surplus Candy LA
Surplus Candy LA
Photo: Hanksy

Our favorite parodical street artist Hanksy is back again next week with his "Surplus Candy LA" event at 359 Grand St. on the Chinatown/Lower East Side border.

Thanks to a DIY 360 camera rig held together by rubber bands, the NYC-based artist was able to document the entire exhibition in 3D. The end result is Surplus Candy VR, a one-of-a-kind vast virtual experience that allows users to “choose their own adventure” and tour the entire house (30+ rooms) in all its painted glory. Sans paint fumes.

Surplus Candy VR will be launching exclusively in NYC on October 14th via an exhibition in Lower Manhattan. Artwork from LA takeover will be on display as well as multiple VR headsets allowing users to tour the transitory exhibition. A short film documenting the LA event from Dega Films will also premiere. The exhibition will run from October 14-16.

The experience will then be placed online October 17th, allowing anyone with an internet connection to virtually tour this unique art exhibition. Surplus Candy VR works with or without VR goggles.

Event/Exhibition Details:

October 14th-16th

359 Grand Sreet NYC

Friday Oct 14th 6-8pm (press preview)

Friday Oct 14th 8-10pm (public opening)

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Surplus Candy LA
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