Take a Look At The Seventh Annual Showcase of Outdoor Murals In Astoria

(All Photos via @gigi_nyc)

On June 11th, the Welling Court Mural Project debuted for the seventh time and showed off an amazing collection of street art. Talented artists from all around the world and directly from the neighborhood got together and and created over 130 new murals to look at.

Covering a multi-block section along Welling Court in Astoria, Queens, the Project is a collaboration between the Ad Hoc Art Collective of Bushwick and the local community. The artists on view span a total of 50 years of street art history, from such graffiti pioneers as DAZE and CRASH to the members of youth development organization Cre8tive YouTh*ink.

Be sure to go and check them all out at Welling Court in Astoria, Queens.

via Timeout

Veronika Kostova

Veronika Kostova

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