Following the Tracks of a New York City Subway "Ghost Tunnel"

Photo: Philip Perez

Where would you find a secret tunnel that seems to flicker into and out of existence? Not Hogwarts, the New York City subway.

The tunnel, which runs between the 57th Street and 7th Avenue, and Lexington Avenue and 63rd Street in Manhattan, has never had a dedicated train line running through it... [the tunnel] has only appeared on subway maps for two brief periods in 1995 and 1998.

The forgotten tunnel under Central Park will again be marked on official NYC subway maps as it is implemented into the Q train's route later this year. Check out this Quartz article for more history on the "ghost tunnel."

via Quartz

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

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When he is not attempting to hustle the hustlers of Central Park, Joshua enjoys exploring the depths of what New York has to offer. He one day hopes to pilot a drone without immediately crashing it.

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