Eater Explores What Makes Halal-Grade Meat More Humane and Better Tasting

Honest Chops is a small butcher shop in the East Village which sells halal-grade meats, those which have been prepared under the humane ritual slaughtering process of dhabihah.

In this video from Eater, watch as host Pelin Keskin explores what makes halal-grade meat so good, and what’s happening at Honest Chops’ new burger joint.

What is halal meat? On this episode of Cooking in America, host Pelin Keskin visits Honest Chops, a Halal butcher shop in New York’s East Village, and the team’s new restaurant concept called Burgers by Honest Chops, to learn about the preparation behind halal-grade meat, and the ways it aligns with many modern consumer’s concerns.

via Eater

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