Comprehensive Proposal for 2 G Line Subway Loops Into Manhattan

Local photographer and cartographer Andrew Lynch runs an interesting blog called Vanshnookenraggen in which he combines his love for the City, transportation, and maps to write great data-based articles on the City's subway system.

A recent posting of his proposes a detailed plan to expand the limited G Line into something more useful by creating two new G loops into lower and midtown Manhattan.

If strategic connections are built then the G train could utilize existing capacity within Manhattan that would allow for riders to be better distributed off the G train and take pressure off of the two current transfer points. I’m proposing two new loop lines, the GD through Downtown and GM through Midtown. Not too long ago the NYC Subway featured trains with double letters indicating local or specific services.

The full proposal is an interesting read, even if it is unlikely to ever happen.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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